The 8 Best OBD2 Scanners of 2018

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There is nothing more annoying than having the “check engine” light pop up on the dashboard. Aside from the fact that there is something wrong going on with your car’s engine, you can’t really tell what that thing is. At this point, unless you’re a mechanic or have a solid knowledge of engines and how to repair them, you need to pay a trip to a mechanic’s workshop. You might also be interested in our articles about the best cb antenna and the best cb radio

Since you don’t even know what’s wrong with your engine, you’ll have to waste time and spend money just to know what’s wrong with your car, let aside fix it. A good OBD-II Scanner can really save you the hassle and make your car engine woes much easier to manage. All you have to do is plug it in and it’ll run a diagnostic and tell you what’s wrong with the engine, based on which you can decide what’s the best thing to do.

Not only will a good OBD-II scanner save you money, it’ll also make your life much easier. If you’re looking for a good OBD-II scanner that’ll give you the best bang for your buck, there are a few things that you need to know in order to make a well-informed buying decision.

Reputation Matters

When you’re choosing your OBD2 scanner, the device’s reputation is very important. Once you start looking for a scanner you’ll notice the wide array of choices that are available. There are so many OBD2 scanners out there. Which one should you buy? The answer is one with a solid reputation.

When so many people have used it and verify that it works properly on different car models, this is simply your safest bet. The OBD2 scanners that fit these criteria are always made by well-known manufacturers who know what they’re doing. Opting for a cheap, unknown option can be a huge waste of time, money and can harm your car if you make a wrong decision based on the scanner’s diagnostic.

Clear Diagnostics

The only thing that is worse than not having an OBD2 scanner for your car is having one that doesn’t give a clear output. By “clear output”, I mean information that you can actually understand.

Information that isn’t clear to understand can be caused either by a small screen that needs superman’s sight to be able to read it or poorly designed apps that connect to the OBD2 scanners. Some of those apps are so poorly designed and have such an overall horrible user experience that you won’t be able to figure out anything of what it shows.

When you’re purchasing, make sure that you’re comfortable with the way it presents data because if not, it can be really frustrating.

Data Saving Options

Your car’s history might be just history to you, but it can be really helpful for your mechanic. Being able to tell what exactly happened to your car in a chronological sequence can make your mechanic’s life way easier and can help you get better service for your car. That’s why this feature is so important in OBD2 scanners.

Making sure your scanner has such an option is so nice to have and can make the data you get from your scanner much more actionable.

More Scanning Options

The more high-end the OBD2 scanner that you get, the better scanning options it provides. While most basic OBD2 scanners offer an engine scan, the more advanced ones offer some useful insights on things like ABS brakes and airbags.

Those things can be really helpful and are definitely worth the upgrade simply as you need those more often, which means more value for money. In addition to giving you an overall better value, it can contribute to your overall safety by making sure the braking system and the airbags are in top-notch condition.

Now that you’re familiar with OBD2 scanners and know what makes a good one, it’s time to take a look at some of the best available OBD2 scanners that you can get for your car.