Bayern Munich fined Mane, one-match ban for punching Sane

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Bayern Munich have fined Sadio Mane and dropped Sadio Mane from Saturday’s meeting with Hoffenheim as punishment for his brutal punching with friend Leroy Sane. Join the team until your mouth is broken. After the game was defeated by Manchester City.

Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich have banned Senegal winger Sadio Mane for Saturday’s home clash with Hoffenheim . April 15, ready to adjust another amount of money. After the offensive line Causing a punching incident to teammate Leroy Sane. After the UFABET game at the Southern Tigers lost 3-0 to Manchester City in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals two days ago.

Bayern Munich fined Mane, one-match ban for punching Sane

Build, the famous media in the city of beer Reported scandal in the dressing room. There was a quarrel. Which was a continuous stroke from the field in the 83rd minute. Where the Dutch star was dissatisfied that the former Liverpool footballer did not step back to receive his pass, causing Nathan Ake. The sailboat defensive line to cut the ball. So there was arguing in the field spread to the dressing room. With Mane complaining about the way Sane spoke to him until the tension reached the point. Where he couldn’t control his temper, punching his mouth. Until it broke Hot until other teammates have to come in separately

on Thursday morning According to reports, the 31-year-old striker has met with the executives of the Bavarian clubs. To clarify the scandalous events that occurred. Before admitting the mistake and apologizing in front of all his teammates at the training ground, including Sane. Then the leader of the beer city league has announced the punishment. Which is not serious with arrest, separation, rehearsal or termination of the contract in any way

” Sadio Mane will not be in the Bayern Munich squad for Saturday’s game against 1899 Hoffenheim, ” a club statement said. of him after the UEFA Champions League game Bayern met Manchester City and Mane will also be fined.

Although the two-time African Best Player Will be ready to return to the field in the next game This is the second game, the UCL quarter-final on Wednesday, April 19, but the six-time European champions now have little hope of turning the situation around to reach the semi-finals this season. because he had to open City’s nest within three goals for the overall score to be tied first and then go to win the fourth ball to go through to the next round