Ronaldo pointed out that his name stirred up the trend until famous footballers moved to play in Saudi Arabia.

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Pioneer! Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he was the founder of the Saudi league Until famous players flock to play here By being confident that his name can always call the trend. Previously, it helped the Italian Serie A Serie A return to vigor again.

Considering that the current interest of Saudi Arabian football continues to improve. After the ทางเข้า ufabet world’s famous superstar players have moved to trade with many players since Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous Portuguese footballer. move to be the first after parting ways with Manchester United, the giant club of English Premier League football

Ronaldo pointed out that his name stirred up the trend until famous footballers moved to play in Saudi Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker for the Al-Nasser team, the famous club in the Saudi Pro League battle, has revealed that I am someone who pioneered playing in the Saudi league. At first many people blamed me for playing here? And look how is this episode? A lot of players have moved here, I’m sure the Saudi league is better than the US MLS and I can be sure I won’t be returning to Europe.

The superstar continued: “I’m 38 years old and now the quality of football in Europe has declined. Only the English Premier League is better than the other leagues. The Spanish league is not of great quality, the Portuguese league is good but not the top league. The German league has dropped a lot. Which these things make me want to continue playing in Saudi because after this, more players will move to play here. And the league here is definitely better than the Turkish and Dutch leagues.”

“The players who come to play here Not someone who is about to retire like the UEFA president said, because looking at Sota, Ruben Neves coming here are still young. But I was wrong, it’s only 6 months. I say this because I already know that where did i move There will be a trend because of my name.”

“It has already happened. Like when I moved to Juventus, Serie A was dead. But after I went here It was like being brought to life. That makes me confident that next season in the Saudi league there will definitely be more star players.” Cristiano Ronaldo said at the end.