Tierney has been out for a long time until the end of the season.

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Arsenal left-back Kieran Tierney will be out for the rest of the season after suffering a serious knee injury that required surgery.

Kieran Tierney is considered a key. Player for Arsenal with a very good performance on the field. But the main problem is that Kieran Tierney has to suffer from injuries all the time. Giving the opportunity. Not playing continuously. It’s good that Kieran Tierney has maintained his standard of play.

Plus, the latest match at Arsenal against Crystal Palace is not Kieran Tierney’s name as well. Because there is still an injury that disturbs. Arsenal will have to face bad news because Kieran Tierney will be out until the end of the season. After undergoing knee surgery with the team having ruled out that Kieran Tierney will be out until the end of the season to prevent injury. Chronic and may affect the next season as well. Which the medical team does not allow Kieran Tierney to field all cases.

Although Kieran Tierney’s absence will have a huge impact on Arsenal, it is a great opportunity for Nuno Tavares to feature as a key player for A. Arsenal are in the running for the remainder of the season and Nuno Tavares will prove to be ready to become Arsenal’s mainstay after being on the bench for quite some time in the latest UFABET game. With Crystal Palace, he was given only 45 minutes of playing time before being substituted off the pitch.