Why Bellingham won’t pay attention to Singha-Boat-PSG after Swan withdrew

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Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham has revealed why he won’t consider Chelsea, Manchester City or PSG following Liverpool’s withdrawal from the club. Chasing this shin

Jude Bellingham has reportedly made it clear he does not want to sign for He was described as “an unattractive club with no soul. Which of course left only a handful of potential interested clubs in him. The talented winger has long been linked with a move to Liverpool. But has reportedly been linked with a move to LiverpoolJürgen Klopp’s side have decided to end their pursuit of the Englishman and will instead focus on a number of squad additions. Want to get one of the brightest talents in football?

Why Bellingham won't pay attention to Singha-Boat-PSG after Swan withdrew

         According to German sources Sport BILD , Bellingham will not consider most of these teams. Instead, the 19-year-old wants to sign for a prestigious club with values ​​of “passion, prestige and reputation” and has. Reported that he had no interest in the UFABET club. ‘Soulless’

         The report said: “Several other clubs were out of the question for Bellingham. He has made the decision, as Borussia Dortmund’s management knows, not to move to the Sheikh’s or billion-dollar club. ” The midfielder will not consider Manchester City, Chelsea or Paris Saint-Germain. For these reasons At the same time, it is said that Bayern Munich do not “need” to have players like Bellingham today. With a plethora of options in central midfield. And although Barcelona may be interested in this young star But the Spanish team is currently in financial trouble. And probably won’t be able to buy players worth more than 100 million euros

 So which team will Bellingham join? Based on this information, it appears very few clubs Bellingham will take an offer. Manchester United are one team that hasn’t been ruled out and the Red Devils could go deeper in midfield, of course. Semiro will come in. Bellingham could comfortably get into Manchester United’s starting 11, however, according to BILD, Real Madrid are now leading the hunt for the England star.

         Los Blancos are said to be willing to pay around €100m (£87m) up front for the youngster. With add-ons that could total around €130-150 million (£114-131 million), it is also ready to offer a contract worth €20 million (£17 million) per year. Ham will stay at Dortmund for another year Especially if they win the Bundesliga. So, to sum it up, playing for the most successful team in Champions League history might appeal to the youngster.