5 foods that nourish the brain and body Good health for menopause is easy, not difficult to do.

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When entering menopause will Sexual hormone levels drop rapidly. Whether it is a woman or a man , it will cause mood swings. and are at considerable risk of health problems Especially among men who have decreased sex hormones. It will cause sexual performance to change as well. Therefore, we recommend foods to nourish the brain and body of men during menopause. In order to eat it and create the most benefits to the body

5 foods that nourish the brain and body Good health for menopause is easy, not difficult to do.

1. Foods that contain saturated fat

Foods that contain some form of saturated fat It is an important aid in reducing bad fat and cholesterol in the blood. Emphasis on fish, tofu, egg whites, and all สมัคร ufabet types of lean meat. Including cow’s milk product groups and low-fat yogurt. Nuts and Grains It will help you avoid the risk of cholesterol and triglycerides.

2.Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables, fruits, and foods that are high in fiber Types of brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, soybeans, various types of cereals, millet, and fresh fruits and vegetables that are not high in sugar. It will be another helper that will help you excrete smoothly, reduce fat and improve your immune system. From having a variety of vitamins It is recommended to eat fruits that have less sugar, such as apples, dragon fruit, pears, guava, or strawberries, etc.

3. Foods rich in calcium

Menopause affects bones and joints quite a lot. Therefore, you should choose foods that have a high calcium content. This will cause greater bone density, such as eating small fish, shrimp, soy milk, kale, green peas, mustard greens, and Cassia leaf shoots. or group of yogurt and grains in the legume group There will be a high amount of calcium. However, you should look at those who eat it. If you have an allergy to cow’s milk or nuts, you should avoid it. Products from cow’s milk and various nuts and grains

4. Foods that contain amino acids

Amino acids are very necessary for men going through menopause. Because when entering a state of decreased hormones It will make it harder to sleep. Therefore, amino acids are considered important precursors of melatonin and serotonin. That will make sleeping more relaxing and falling asleep easier than before. It is rich in eggs, soybeans, milk, sunflower seeds, tofu, peanuts and tuna, etc.

5. Less sweet drinks

If drinking water Makes your mouth feel bland Until it became a more serious eating problem than before. It is recommended to drink a low sugar formula. Or use a safe sweetener substitute. And use it as a natural drink such as bael fruit juice, chrysanthemum juice, or low-fat soy milk, etc. These drinks will provide benefits to the body. and can reduce the amount of sweetness By boiling or making it yourself

If you are a man in the age of menopause No need to worry. Just take good care of your health. and eat foods that nourish both the brain and body Ready to make hormones still work well. Including exercising regularly Believe that your health will definitely remain good for a long time.