Cat slaves must know Is it necessary to trim a cat’s fur? What can I do to prevent my cat from losing its life?

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The weather in Thailand is so hot and fiery that even we don’t have thick fur. We still feel anxious. And the long-haired cat that walked around. How can it not be hot? Many people therefore decide to take their children to have their cats groomed.

Cat slaves must know Is it necessary to trim a cat's fur? What can I do to prevent my cat from losing its life?

to cool down But many times the younger sibling is not very willing. Plus it’s even more irritating. This brings us to the question of whether cat grooming is necessary or not. And how to keep your cat from losing its life?

Why do we have to trim cat fur?

For Thai cats or short-haired cats We usually don’t have any problems with grooming our cats, just brushing them, bathing them, or drying them off when they’re dirty is all that’s needed. But for long-haired cats like Persian cats Grooming appears to be a necessity. Because it will help the kids Don’t have to endure the heat. Until it can cause heat stroke.

For this ทางเข้า ufabet reason, many owners of long-haired cats take their cats to be bathed and groomed on a regular basis. one or two months Especially during the summer

How should we cut our cat’s fur?

When we go to the cat groomer Technicians often ask us how much hair we should cut. According to experience Don’t tell the technician how you feel. Because the word “little” is not the same for each person and each store. Some shops do not remove much hair, leaving about 10-15 centimeters of hair, but in others, only 2-5 centimeters are left. Therefore, we should specify it clearly. Or should we not bring the picture that we want the technician to see? Especially the shop that we just went to for the first time.

Actually, how long is the cat’s fur cut? It will mainly depend on the owner and the cat’s confidence. If you don’t want your younger sibling to feel like he’s lost a lot of his life. Let us cut moderately and trim enough to remove the shaggy hair. Then how often do you work hard? But for the case of very hot weather And our cat is a strong person who rarely loses his life over anything easily. It’s good to cut it short.

Which shop should I choose?

Choosing a cat groomer is both a science and an art. Because if you meet a shop that is not good, it may cause the parents and slaves to be stressed as well. The principles for choosing a cat grooming shop are as follows.

  • Choose a reliable store , such as a store that has been open for a long time. A shop that is an animal clinic or a shop that has good reviews
  • Choose a store that is clean and not crowded. Because we don’t want the cat to come back infected with disease or fleas from the groomer.
  • Choose a professional shop There are modern tools and equipment. and has experience in bathing and grooming cats Because cats are animals that do not like water and loud noises. of the hair dryer Including clippers A technician who is not skilled enough may cause injury to the cat.
  • Choose a shop that has glass or can be checked So that we can check the technician’s work to see how it is.

In conclusion, cat hair cutting can be done. But if you don’t want the cat to lose too much of its life, don’t cut it too short. and choose a reliable groomer For your cat’s safety and beautiful fur.