Important nutrients that men aged 35+ should receive

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Age is an important thing that helps indicate that The body’s cells work to deteriorate and slow down as the number increases. In men, the body’s systems work harder than in women. Therefore, it is not unusual to look older. In the third year of age, hormones begin to decrease noticeably. This results in slower movement, learning, and daily activities. Therefore, men at this age need to pay more attention to their health, such as exercising. Getting enough sleep and receiving nutrients that help the body function as usual as follows

Important nutrients that men aged 35+ should receive

1. Vitamin B

It is a group of vitamins found in grains, yeast, fish, pork, brown rice, etc. Its important function is It is a helper or coenzyme for the metabolism of nutrients within the body. To get various essential substances Especially in the functioning of the nervous system and brain. Therefore, it results in the body feeling refreshed. animated When received in sufficient quantity

2. L-carnitine

Found in common foods such as meat, eggs, nuts, avocados, etc. Normally, our body can produce it by itself from the liver and kidneys, but as we get older, The work of various organs will begin to deteriorate This causes the amount of this nutrient to be lower. It will be noticed that in men in their thirties There will be more fat accumulation in the abdominal area, arms, and legs because of L-carnitine. It is an important substance that helps pull out fat. Go change it into energy. Therefore, when there is less L-carnitine in the body Therefore, there is no aid to use the fat. It causes fat to accumulate.


Important nutrients that the body needs in appropriate quantities. If lacking or getting too little, it will cause the skin to wrinkle. There are wrinkles on the face. Because selenium has antioxidant properties that help slow down cell degeneration. And helps fight prostate cancer that only occurs in men. There are still many studies. which indicates that it is an important nutrient In helping to increase hormones and sperm count well So there is a chance of having more children. Types of foods that are high in selenium include seafood, meat, tomatoes, beans, rice germ, garlic, shallots, onions, etc.  

At the age of thirty-five, many changes will occur in the body’s systems. It cannot be denied that it leads to stress, anxiety and may lead to various serious diseases. So let’s start taking care of it. Pay attention to your health from now on. To prevent unexpected things that may happen in the future. Taking vitamins or dietary supplements to nourish the body It is another interesting option. This will allow the body to receive the nutrients that are lacking. and strengthen the functioning of various systems To return to normal as well. By doing it in conjunction with exercise. Eating food from all five food groups complete relaxation I guarantee that you will definitely be healthy.