reveals that the moment that Sane & Mane Dissatisfaction on the field

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Revealed a momentous clip showing Leroy Sane and Sadio Mane flirting with each other on the pitch. During the UEFA Champions League game Bayern Munich lost to Manchester City on Tuesday.

   Why did Sadio Mane punch Leroy Sane ? That is the question on the lips of every Bayern Munich fan and neutral supporter. The Senegal international and the Germany international clashed after Bayern lost 3-0 to Manchester City in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final on Tuesday. April 2023, with Sane and Mane arguing at the Etihad Stadium after the latter was substituted in the 69th minute by the top UFABET team of Germany. Haven’t commented on the incident yet.

reveals that the moment that Sane & Mane Dissatisfaction on the field

         So why did Mane punch Sane? According to BILD in Germany, Sane complained to Mane throughout the clash with Manchester City, angrily accusing the No.17. Competition and punched the German winger in the lip. BILD believes the trigger erupted in the 83rd minute when Sane missed the ball for Mane, who had taken the lead. The former Liverpool star appeared to be running behind Manchester City’s defensive line, but the two’s miscommunication allowed the Blues to easily regain possession. Sane could be seen jumping in frustration as the hosts attacked again. 

  Sky Germany added that the 27-year-old’s lips were bleeding after the incident. and other Bayern Munich players had to isolate the pair at the Etihad Stadium. Sky Germany also claimed Mane did not get on the team bus when Thomas’ team Tuchel returns to Munich by the Senegalese striker who has been personally picked up Meanwhile, Sane returns with his teammates.

         There’s also a clip showing Sane infuriating Mane against Freiburg last weekend. Bayern won 1-0 thanks to Matthijs de Ligt’s goal, but there seemed to be a conflict between the two wingers. While Bayern wanted to score Freiburg, Sane had the ball at his feet. He passed the ball to his team-mates before swinging his arm towards Mane as if telling him to run. The ball finally reached Mane. But Sane ignored him and turned his back on the ball and made no attempt to contribute again.