Sarri wants Allan to join the team

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Lazio manager Maurizio Sarri wants to work with Allan again. It is ready to join the club immediately after the 2021/22 season to strengthen his midfield.

Maurizio Sarri worked with Allan before Napoli. It was Chelsea that brought in Maurizio Sarri as manager. While Allan stayed at Napoli for a while. Moved to Everton under Carlo Ancelotti and Allan could immediately. Become Everton’s mainstay with excellent on-field performances despite F Everton will be replaced by manager Rafael Benitez. But Allan remains a key figure at Everton.

Unfortunately, Everton’s performance in the 2021/22 season has not been satisfactory. It is at risk of falling into the relegation zone. Leading many players to start considering a move in particular. Allan is attracting interest from several teams, especially Lazio, whose former boss Maurizio Sarri is in charge, plus Lazio are ready to spend unlimited money for players to step up the Lazio. Zio to become the UFABET top team of the Italian Serie A battle.

In addition, Allan has only one year left on his contract with Everton, making the transfer news begin to become possible immediately, and in addition to Allan, there is also Kepa Arrizabalaga. That is the main goal of Lazio as well, plus Lazio has the opportunity to bring the two to join the team successfully after the 2021/22 season.